What is another word for Enunciated?

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Enunciate means to express or pronounce words clearly and distinctly. Some potential synonyms for enunciated include: - Articulated: This word means to clearly pronounce each syllable or sound in a word, making them distinct and separate. - Pronounced: To pronounce words correctly and clearly, with emphasis on the right syllables or letters. - Expressed: A general term that refers to conveying thoughts or feelings through words or actions. - Declared: To formally announce or state something, using clear language and a serious tone. - Vocalized: To make sounds with your voice, whether through speaking, singing, or other means. - Spoken: To use words to communicate with others, in an audible and clear manner. - Stated: To express something in plain language, without ambiguity or confusion.

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How to use "Enunciated" in context?

When we say "Enunciated," what do we picture in our heads? Words carefully enunciated, placed in a sentence with correct grammar and spelling, to convey meaning?

Not always. Sometimes, we hear enunciated spoken as if someone is not bothered with careful pronunciation. This is sometimes heard in older people, in rural areas, or with a accent. This slurred speech is often unintelligible, and can be upsetting for the listener.

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