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Erskine Preston Caldwell was an American author and playwright known for his works that depicted the rural life in the Southern United States. Some synonyms for Erskine Preston Caldwell include "Southern Gothic writer," "regional realism author," and "rural life chronicler". His literary works often centered around taboo subjects and controversial topics, such as poverty, racism, and sexuality. Caldwell's writing style was characterized by his use of vernacular language and a straightforward narrative approach that aimed to bring to life the characters and the environment of the Southern United States. Caldwell's legacy continues to resonate with his readers even after his passing in 1987.

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Erskine Preston Caldwell (August 9, 1902 - October 17, 1985) was an influential African American journalist and editor who was the first African American national news editor of a daily newspaper. He worked at "The Baltimore American" (now "The Baltimore Sun"), the " Newark Star-Ledger", and "The Philadelphia Daily News". As an editor, Caldwell helped to launch the careers of illustrious African American journalists such as Clarence King, Willie Morris, Marion Marable, and Thurgood Marshall. He also founded the "Dunbar Review" and the "Preston Norman Caldwell Book Award", both awards which recognize excellence in African American writing.

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