What is another word for eubacteria?

Pronunciation: [jˌuːbɐktˈi͡əɹɪə] (IPA)

Eubacteria, also known as true bacteria, are a diverse group of microorganisms that are found in various environments. Some synonyms for eubacteria include bacteria, prokaryotes, monera, and eukaryotic bacteria. Bacteria are single-celled organisms that lack a nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles, and are classified into various groups based on their morphology, biochemistry, and genetic traits. Prokaryotes are organisms that lack a true nucleus and other membrane-bound organelles, and are found in both bacterial and archaeal groups. Monera is another term used to describe prokaryotic organisms, which includes both bacteria and cyanobacteria. Eukaryotic bacteria are bacteria that have evolved specialized structures and complex cellular machinery, such as mitochondria and flagella.

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