What is another word for eucalypt?

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[ jˈuːkɐlˌɪpt], [ jˈuːkɐlˌɪpt], [ j_ˈuː_k_ɐ_l_ˌɪ_p_t]

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    How to use "Eucalypt" in context?

    The eucalypt is a flowering plant in the myrtle family, Myrtaceae and is native to eastern Australia. The generic name Eucalyptus is from Ancient Greek EUカリポ=ykos = a yew tree, kalypto = to cover, probably alluding to the tree's habit of overrunning grassy areas. The specific epithet camaldulensis, meaning of or from Camaldoli, is in reference to the Camaldoli monastery near Perugia, Italy, where the first specimen was collected.

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