What is another word for Facsimiles?

Pronunciation: [faksˈɪmɪlˌɪz] (IPA)

Facsimiles are reproductions or copies of documents, images, or objects that are meant to resemble the original. There are several synonyms for this term, including replicas, duplicates, imitations, copies, clones, and reproductions. Each of these words can be used to describe a similar concept - recreating an original item in a way that closely resembles it. However, there may be slight differences in connotation between them. For example, a replica may imply a high level of accuracy and attention to detail, while a copy may simply refer to a reproduction made by any means necessary. In any case, synonyms for facsimiles can be useful for precise communication and description in a variety of fields and contexts.

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Usage examples for Facsimiles

It is at Longchamps that the Parisian spring fashions are first exhibited, and busy are the modistes for many weeks previously in putting their powers of invention to the test, in order to bring out novelties, Facsimiles of which are, the ensuing week, forwarded to England, Italy, Germany, Holland, and Russia.
"The Idler in France"
Marguerite Gardiner
This manuscript, of which photographic Facsimiles exist, is the code of Gregorian melodies, and it ought to be, if I may use the expression, the neumatic Bible of choirs.
"En Route"
J.-K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans
Macmillan and Bowes for the use of two devices; to the Clarendon Press for the three pages of specimens of the types given to the University of Oxford by Fell and Junius; to the Chiswick Press for the examples of the devices and ornamental initials which the second Whittingham reintroduced, and for the type-Facsimiles of the title-page of the book with which he revived the use of old-faced letters; to Messrs.
"A Short History of English Printing, 1476-1898"
Henry R. Plomer

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