What is another word for fax?

Pronunciation: [fˈaks] (IPA)

Fax is a short form of the word "facsimile," which is essentially a type of telecommunication technology that transfers printed or written information from one location to another electronically. However, there are several synonyms that can be used in place of the word "fax." Some of these synonyms include telefax, telephone fax, facsimile transmission, and fax message. Additionally, some people may refer to it simply as a "fax transmission" or "fax communication." Regardless of the term used, it remains a vital communication tool in many industries, allowing people to quickly and easily send important information from one location to another.

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What are the hypernyms for Fax?

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What are the opposite words for fax?

Fax, a word many of us know all too well, refers to the process of sending documents electronically. However, there are antonyms - words that mean the opposite - of this term. One such antonym is "retrieve," which means to get back or regain something that was lost or misplaced. Another antonym is "withdraw," which refers to the act of taking something away or removing it. Additionally, "retract" is an antonym of fax, meaning to take back or withdraw something that was said or done. Lastly, "discard," meaning to throw away or dispose of something, is also an antonym of fax.

What are the antonyms for Fax?

Usage examples for Fax

As 'tis, I dunno what to think, and there's no law that kin make you think when you don't hev no fax to base your thinkun' on.
"Stories of the Foot-hills"
Margaret Collier Graham
"Some folks lacks other things besides fax to base their thinkun' on," the old woman jerked out sententiously.
"Stories of the Foot-hills"
Margaret Collier Graham
"Well, you may know a deal about gardening, Mr Brime," said Wimble deprecatingly, as he shook his head shrewdly; "but fax is fax."
"King of the Castle"
George Manville Fenn

Famous quotes with Fax

  • What is special about VOIP is that it's just another thing you can do on the Internet, whereas it is the only thing - or nearly the only thing with the exception of the dial-up modem and fax - that you can do on the public switched telephone network.
    Vinton Cerf
  • Then, as the day progresses, depending on how the product is coming in - for instance, the fish man will fax us and say black bass is great - throughout the day, we'll also make judgment calls and adapt to what's available.
    Thomas Keller
  • I'd have these weird experiences where I'd just be walking down the street with this chord progression in my head, this happened more than a few times, and I'd walk home and find a fax in my machine and it would match the music in my head.
    Duncan Sheik
  • I got a chain letter by fax. It's very simple. You just fax a dollar bill to everybody on the list.
    Steven Wright
  • Ladies and Gentleman of the jury, I'm just a Caveman. I fell in some ice and later got thawed out by your scientists. Your world frightens and confuses me. Sometimes the honking horns of your traffic make me want to get out of my BMW and run off into the hills or whatever. Sometimes when I get a message on my fax machine, did little demons get inside and type it? I don't know. My primitive mind can't grasp these concepts.
    Phil Hartman

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