What is another word for female monarch?

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[ fˈiːme͡ɪl mˈɒnək], [ fˈiːme‍ɪl mˈɒnək], [ f_ˈiː_m_eɪ_l m_ˈɒ_n_ə_k]

A female monarch is a woman who holds a high position of authority in a monarchy. However, this term can be interchangeable with other equally relevant synonyms that refer to the same person. Some synonyms for female monarch are queen, empress, tsarina, pharaohess, sultana, and regent. The word queen is the most commonly used term for a female monarch, while empress refers to a woman who rules an empire. A tsarina is a female monarch in Russia, while a pharaohess is a queen in ancient Egypt. A sultana is a female ruler in an Islamic country, while a regent is a queen who rules in place of a king or queen.

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Seeing a female monarch on the throne of a country is not something that happens every day. For centuries, it was not only uncommon, but unthinkable for a woman to hold such a powerful position. However, in the 21st century, there are many female monarchs around the world, and in many cases, their influence is far-reaching. Here are four fascinating facts about female monarchs:

1. There are currently 88 female monarchs in the world, which is a record high.

2. Female monarchs are not only common in monarchies, but in countries with a constitutional monarchy as well.

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  • n.

    • person
      female aristocrat.

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