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The English language offers a variety of synonyms for the word "king". For instance, one can use "monarch" to indicate a supreme ruler of a nation or kingdom. Another synonym that can be used is "sovereign", which is often seen in historical or political texts. Other synonymous words that can be used include "ruler", "emperor", "potentate", "czar", and "sultan". These words all indicate someone who holds significant power and authority over a particular group of people or a territory. Depending on the context in which they are used, these synonyms can add more variety and richness to an individual's choice of words.

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A king is someone who wields absolute power in a society. They are typically the leader of a monarchy or a country, and have a lot of control over the people in their territory. Kings are normally responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their subjects, as well as the running of their respective country. Kings can be whoever they want to be, but they are often expected to be strong, decisive, and well-organized.

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