What is another word for financial condition?

Pronunciation: [fa͡ɪnˈanʃə͡l kəndˈɪʃən] (IPA)

Financial condition is a term used to describe the state of an individual's or company's financial health. There are various synonyms for this term that can be used depending on the context of the situation. One of the most common synonyms for financial condition is financial status, which denotes the overall position of an entity with regards to its finances. Another term is financial standing, which refers to an individual or company's creditworthiness. Financial situation is also a synonym often used, which describes the current state of an individual or company's finances. Lastly, the term financial wellness can also be used to refer to an individual or company's overall financial health.

Synonyms for Financial condition:

What are the hypernyms for Financial condition?

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Famous quotes with Financial condition

  • We also knew it would be difficult, because of the financial condition of the family, for me to go to college.
    Alan Shepard
  • World was already reeling under economic recession and then many people started copying some so-called celebrity to grow beards as latest trend and fashion to affect even the barbers' financial condition.
    Anuj Somany
  • There are good quality people but definitely not in good quantity and ,unfortunately, not often in good financial condition.
    Anuj Somany

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