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Fractions are parts of a whole that are represented by a numerator (the top number) and a denominator (the bottom number). There are several synonyms for fractions, such as percentages, ratios, proportions, and divisions. Percentages are a type of fraction that represents a part of 100. Ratios describe the relationship between two quantities and can be represented as a fraction or using a colon. Proportions are fractions that are equivalent to each other, and they express the relationship between two ratios. Divisions are also a type of fraction that represents the result of dividing a quantity into equal parts. All of these synonyms for fractions are used in different contexts in mathematics and other areas of study.

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    How to use "Fractions" in context?

    Fractions are a mathematical concept that allow us to divide things up into smaller parts. When fractions are simplified and written as numerators and denominators, they can be represented using a fraction bar (as in 3/8).

    The numerator is the number on the left side of the fraction bar, and the denominator is the number on the right side of the fraction bar.

    When fractions are simplified to their simplest form, they are called simple fractions.

    When fractions are combined, their numerators and denominators must add up to 1.

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