What is another word for fuck off?

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[ fˈʌk ˈɒf], [ fˈʌk ˈɒf], [ f_ˈʌ_k ˈɒ_f]

Synonyms for Fuck off:

How to use "Fuck off" in context?

"fuck off" is a very simple, yet powerful words. It is one of the most useful words you can use to express your displeasure or annoyance. This word can be used in any situation and can be very effective. Here are some examples of when "fuck off" can be useful:

When someone is bothering you:

"Leave me alone!"

"Can you stop talking to me?"

"Just fuck off!"

When someone doesn't respect your time:

"I'm busy, can you please leave me alone?"

"Can you not interrupt me while I'm speaking?

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