What is another word for jack off?

Pronunciation: [d͡ʒˈak ˈɒf] (IPA)

Synonyms for Jack off:

What are the hypernyms for Jack off?

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  • hypernyms for jack off (as verbs)

What are the hyponyms for Jack off?

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Famous quotes with Jack off

  • So we're trying to breed Sluggo and get pick of the litter, so we put him with the female dog for a week. And to make sure it takes, we take him to the vet and they do the artificial insemination, and now it don't take shit to get Sluggo to go to the vet! So the last time we go there, the lady says, "Mr. White, if you'll just come with me, I'll show you how to do this, so next time you don't have to bring the dog, you can just bring the sperm." And I'm like "No, you go ahead and jack off the dog, he follows me around too much as it is." He'll be following me around like, "Jack me off! Jack me off! You did it once!" Do it yourself. "I don't have any thumbs. Now jack me off, you piece of shit!" Do we talk to Daddy like that? "Please? , jack me off, you piece of shit, I don't have any goddamn thumbs."...I've lost my mind.
    Ron White

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