What is another word for fuel system?

Pronunciation: [fjˈuːəl sˈɪstəm] (IPA)

The fuel system is a crucial part of any vehicle, responsible for supplying the engine with the necessary fuel to keep it running. However, there are several synonyms for the term "fuel system" that can be used interchangeably. Some of these synonyms include the "fuel delivery system," "fuel supply system," "petrol system," "gasoline system," "diesel system," and "engine fuel system." Regardless of the term used, these systems play a vital role in the performance and longevity of any vehicle. It's important to keep them well-maintained and ensure that clean fuel is always being delivered to the engine for optimal performance and efficiency.

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Famous quotes with Fuel system

  • It's so logical and so simple. Fat is the backup fuel system. The role it plays in the body is that when there's no carbohydrate around, fat will become the primary energy fuel. That's pretty well known.
    Robert Atkins

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