What is another word for accelerator?

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Accelerator is a powerful word that connotes speed, force, and growth. Some synonyms for accelerator that can provide more variety and precision in language usage include catalyst, driver, impetus, booster, stimulant, enhancer, speed-up, quickener, propellant, and fuel. A catalyst is something that initiates a reaction or a change, like the accelerator of a car that sets the engine in motion. A driver is a person or a factor that propels or steers something forward, like an accelerator pedal or a CEO. An impetus is a driving force or a motivation that spurs action, like a sudden burst of adrenaline or a new opportunity. A booster is something that amplifies or improves a process, like an accelerator pump in a carburetor or a grant. A stimulant is a substance or an activity that generates energy or arousal, like caffeine or exercise.

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An accelerator is a machine used for increasing the speed of a vehicle. Accelerators are used in cars, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, and trains.

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