What is another word for fuze?

Pronunciation: [fjˈuːz] (IPA)

The word "fuze" is a term commonly associated with military or explosive devices. Synonyms for this term include "fuse", "detonator", and "igniter". A fuse is a device that is used to prevent an electrical circuit from becoming overloaded. A detonator is a small explosive that can be used to trigger a larger explosion. An igniter is a device that is used to start a fire or combustion process. Other relevant words that can be used instead of "fuze" include "timer", "trigger", and "initiator". Overall, there are many synonyms for "fuze" that can be used to describe various types of explosive or ignition-related devices.

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Usage examples for Fuze

"Use the whole length of the fuze," said the deacon.
"Winter Fun"
William O. Stoddard
He had made it all ready, fixing the end of the fuze in its proper place, and now he led the line back over comparatively dry ice.
"Winter Fun"
William O. Stoddard
It was a long fuze.
"Winter Fun"
William O. Stoddard

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