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Fuse is commonly defined as a device that protects electrical circuits, but it also has numerous synonyms. If you are in search of another term for fuse, then here are some options. First, there is the word circuit breaker, which is a similar device that stops the flow of electricity when a circuit overloads. Second, you could use the term safety switch, which again provides protection by disconnecting power during an emergency. Third, consider the word junction box, which connects multiple electrical wires and routes them to different locations. Lastly, you could use the term electrical panel, which controls energy distribution to different places in a building.

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When something goes wrong with electrical equipment, the fuse is the first thing to go. Fuses are simple devices made of two or more thin sheets of metal that are activated when a specific amount of electricity is applied. When the fuse is blown, it interrupts the circuit and prevents the fire from spreading.

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