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The genus Forsythia is a type of flowering plant which belongs to the family Oleaceae. It is commonly known for its vibrant yellow flowers which bloom in early spring. Some synonyms for the genus Forsythia could be Golden Bell, Forsythia suspensa, Forsythia intermedia, and Border Forsythia. Golden Bell refers to the plant's unique yellow flowers that have a bell shape, while Forsythia suspensa and Forsythia intermedia are different species within the genus with similar characteristics. Border Forsythia simply refers to the plant's common use as a border shrub. Despite having various synonyms, the genus Forsythia is well-known and widely cultivated for its ornamental value.

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The genus forsythia (Forsythia × 'Pyramidalis') is composed of about 180 species of deciduous flowering plants in the Oenothera genus that are native to the southeastern United States and Mexico. Forsythia is easily distinguished from other members of the Oenothera genus by its densely scaly, hairy leaves, Whorled Parkway Series, and corymbs of small white flowers.

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