What is another word for gingersnap?

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[ d͡ʒˈɪnd͡ʒəsnˌap], [ d‍ʒˈɪnd‍ʒəsnˌap], [ dʒ_ˈɪ_n_dʒ_ə_s_n_ˌa_p]

Synonyms for Gingersnap:

How to use "Gingersnap" in context?

No one really knows where the word "gingersnap" originated, but everyone associates it with a delicious treat. Gingerbread is often used as the blueprint for a gingersnap because they are both spicy and sweet. What makes a gingersnap unique is its frilly shape, which is created by rolling the dough out into a thin sheet then cutting out perfect circles with a biscuit cutter.

There are many variations of this classic gingerbread recipe. Some people prefer theirs to be denser and more biscuity, while others enjoy them more cake-like.

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