What is another word for picnic?

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A picnic is a delightful outdoor activity that everyone enjoys. A picnic is often associated with a leisurely time, good food, conversation and fun. However, if you are tired of using the word "picnic" over and over again, there are several synonyms that you can use. For example, a "cookout," is a barbecue with food that is cooked outdoors. A "potluck," is when everyone brings a dish to share. A "feast," is a lavish spread of food and drink. A "gathering," can also be used, which implies a group of people coming together to enjoy each other's company. Whatever word you choose, enjoy your time outdoors with friends, family and good food!

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    There's no need to bring a picnic blanket or cooler, or even to plan in advance - simply pack some snacks and drinks, and head out to a scenic spot to enjoy an afternoon picnic. Some great spots for picnicking include parks, fields, gardens, and beaches. There's no need to pack anything else - the outdoors is all you need to enjoy a great picnic!

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