What is another word for Grazer?

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Grazers refer to animals that feed on grass or plants. However, there are different types of grazers like herbivores and ruminants. Synonyms for grazer include herbivore, browser, forager, and vegetation feeder. Herbivore refers to animals that primarily consume plants, while browsers are animals that prefer woody plants. Foragers range from small rodents like rabbits to larger animals like deer that eat on the forest floor. Vegetation feeder includes grazers that consume any type of plant matter like shrubs or leaves. Overall, the term grazer encompasses a variety of animals that rely on plants as their primary source of food.

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How to use "Grazer" in context?

The Grazer is a small, nimble goat that was historically used for herding in Europe and North America. Nowadays, the Grazer is considered a rare and endangered goat, mainly due to increased crossbreeding with other breeds of livestock. The Grazer is a hardy, adaptable goat that thrives on short, rough pasture. The Grazer is well-adapted to colder climates, as it is able to withstand cold weather conditions and produce a heavy winter coat.

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