What is another word for graze?

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Grazing animals are common in the agricultural sector. However, the word 'graze' is not only restricted to livestock; it is also used in various contexts to describe a range of activities. Synonyms for the word 'graze' include 'scrape,' 'scratch,' 'bruise,' ' abrasion,' 'brush,' and 'grind.' In different situations, these synonyms may convey slightly different meanings. A grazed surface can be an accidental scrape on the skin, such as from a fall, or a grinding motion that produces a smoothed or polished surface. The word 'graze' is versatile and is used across multiple domains, including agriculture, biology, geology, and medicine.

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    Grazing refers to the act of grazing or feeding cattle or other livestock. But there are several antonyms of the word 'graze' such as rise, ascend, climb, elevate, soar, increase, boost, upsurge, surge, and spike. These words refer to the opposite actions of grazing, indicating the movement upwards or an increase in something. In business, for instance, a company's profits can soar or increase when it is managed effectively. Similarly, people can elevate their careers by improving their professional skills and knowledge. These antonyms of grazing indicate positive changes and growth, unlike the limiting connotations of grazing.

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    The waggon was drawn just off the road, and the oxen, released from their yokes, were turned loose for a short graze, preparatory to being tied to the trek-chain for the night.
    "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley"
    Bertram Mitford
    The "boy" who was sent to bring in the two horses, which were turned loose to graze, returned with only one; the other he could not find.
    "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley"
    Bertram Mitford
    I found a young fellow who agreed to graze the land and pay the taxes.
    Durham, Andrew Everett

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