What is another word for guitars?

Pronunciation: [ɡɪtˈɑːz] (IPA)

Guitars are a widely popular musical instrument, used in a variety of genres and styles. If you're looking for synonyms for guitars, there are a few options to consider. One term often used to refer to guitars is "axes," which has a certain edginess and attitude to it. Another option is "stringed instruments," which encompasses a broader range of instruments beyond just guitars, such as banjos and mandolins. "Fretted instruments" is another term that specifically refers to instruments with frets, which are the metal ridges along the neck of the guitar that help to create different pitches and notes.

What are the hypernyms for Guitars?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Guitars

Behind these came a great mob of camp-followers with chairs, books, rugs, flowers, lunch tables, tea-urns and guitars.
"At Good Old Siwash"
George Fitch
He's got forty-one guitars.
"Penrod and Sam"
Booth Tarkington
Outside of a music store there isn't anybody in the world got forty-one guitars!
"Penrod and Sam"
Booth Tarkington

Famous quotes with Guitars

  • We sat around and I fed them barbecue and whiskey. And pretty soon everyone started to compete with each other on the guitars. It seemed the more everyone drank and ate, the more everyone got into it.
    Gary Allan
  • This band - because this is myself on electric and acoustic guitars - we've done three tours together now and I really, really like it which is why I did the DVD as well.
    Joan Armatrading
  • Years from now, after I'm gone, someone will listen to what I've done and know I was here. They may not know or care who I was, but they'll hear my guitars speaking for me.
    Chet Atkins
  • I'm full of dust and guitars.
    Syd Barrett
  • I have about nine guitars in all, so obviously I'm into collecting.
    Daisy Berkowitz

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