What is another word for hereditary pattern?

Pronunciation: [hɪɹˈɛdɪtəɹi pˈatən] (IPA)

A hereditary pattern refers to the inheritance of certain traits or characteristics from one's parents. Synonyms for this term include genetic makeup, family history, inherited traits, family tree, heredity, genealogy, lineage, and ancestry. These terms are frequently used in medical and genetic research, where the study of hereditary patterns is important in understanding and treating genetic disorders and diseases. Family history can provide vital information about an individual's risk for certain conditions, while a person's genetic makeup can influence their susceptibility to various diseases. Understanding hereditary patterns is crucial in making informed decisions about health and wellness, and in developing new treatments and therapies to improve outcomes for patients.

Synonyms for Hereditary pattern:

What are the hypernyms for Hereditary pattern?

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What are the hyponyms for Hereditary pattern?

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