What is another word for houri?

Pronunciation: [ˈa͡ʊ͡əɹi] (IPA)

Houri is a term often used in Arabic and Islamic traditions to refer to a beautiful and pure woman of paradise. However, there are several other synonyms often used to denote the same idea. One common synonym is "angels," which are also believed to be pure and beautiful beings in paradise. Another term is "fairies," which are often associated with magic and beauty. Additionally, the word "nymph" has been used in some poetry and literature to portray a youthful and alluring female figure. Finally, some people use "sylph," a term from ancient Greek mythology, to represent a graceful and elusive female entity. All these synonyms represent the idealized image of a pure, beautiful, and enchanting paradise creature.

Synonyms for Houri:

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Usage examples for Houri

Then, with mock emotion: "Might I, dare I, ask you to give to my keeping, that incomparable maiden, that houri of houris, your young and lovely sister-in-law, Miss Ellen Arthur?"
"Madeline Payne, the Detective's Daughter"
Lawrence L. Lynch
How can you be insensate enough to descend to labour with an houri like that around?
"The Valley of the Giants"
Peter B. Kyne
In the confusion which ensued, I heard Quick saying to his master: "No, no, sir; this one ain't no houri.
"Queen Sheba's Ring"
H. Rider Haggard

Famous quotes with Houri

  • His real wife, his houri, his paramour was everywhere waiting, genie-like, in a bottle. The hymeneal gouging-off of the bottle-top, the kiss of the brown bitter yeasty flow, the euphoria far beyond the release of detumescence.
    Anthony Burgess

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