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Immunisation is a term used to describe the process of making a person or animal immune to a disease or infection. Synonyms for this term include vaccination, inoculation, and immunization. These words all refer to the practice of artificially stimulating the immune system in order to protect against particular diseases. Other synonyms for immunisation might include immunotherapy, which can refer to any treatment that boosts the immune system, and prophylaxis, which is a medical term used to describe any preventive measure taken to avoid disease or infection. These terms all describe different ways that we can work to protect ourselves against a wide range of diseases and infections.

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Immunisation is one of the most effective means of preventing infections. A person's immune system is responsible for protecting against diseases. One of the ways the immune system does this is by recognising and attacking foreign objects, such as bacteria, that have invaded the body. Immunisation is a process of introducing a small amount of a particular virus or infection into a person's body in order to help the person's immune system to develop a defence against that particular disease. Immunisation works best when the disease is common so that the body has been exposed to it and has developed immunity to it. Immunisation can also work to prevent the spread of a disease.

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