What is another word for incompetently?

Pronunciation: [ɪnkˈɒmpɪtəntli] (IPA)

Looking for synonyms for the word "incompetently"? There are several options available depending on your preferred style and tone. Some options include ineffectively, inadequately, clumsily, haphazardly, recklessly, inefficiently, carelessly, unskillfully, poorly, and unprofessionally. Each of these synonyms conveys a sense of inadequacy or lack of proficiency in performing a task or skill. As a writer, understanding the nuances of each synonym allows you to choose the best word option to fit the tone and message of your writing. Whether you're crafting a memo to your boss or writing a novel, using the right synonyms can help you create a polished, professional, and effective piece of writing.

What are the hypernyms for Incompetently?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for incompetently?

Incompetently is an adjective which means not having the necessary skills or abilities to do something properly. Opposite to it, the antonym for incompetent is competent which implies having the necessary qualities to perform a particular task or job efficiently. Another antonym for incompetently can be skillfully, which denotes the capability of performing a task with expertise and proficiency. Competently and skillfully are the two significant antonyms for the word incompetently, which represents the opposite meaning to it. Thus, the next time when you need to describe someone's job or action, you can use these antonyms to bring out the right meaning.

What are the antonyms for Incompetently?

Usage examples for Incompetently

The insurrection, or revolution, if it may be so called, at this time consisted of a nominal central government, chiefly self-organized and self-elected, and various roving bands, probably numbering some thousands in their aggregate, of men rudely and incompetently armed, and showing little or nothing of military organization or method.
"Cuba, Old and New"
Albert Gardner Robinson
incompetently, its leaders bumbled along, not caring for the mass of the people, bestowing the people's goods on the leaders' favorites.
"The Year When Stardust Fell"
Raymond F. Jones
Think of the numbers that might be removed from the responsibility of incompetently educating!
"The Clever Woman of the Family"
Charlotte M. Yonge

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