What is another word for ineptly?

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Ineptly is an adverb that describes a lack of skill or competence in performing a task. There are numerous synonyms for the word ineptly, including awkwardly, clumsily, inexpertly, unskillfully, unsuitably, maladroitly, ham-fistedly, unintelligently, ignorantly, foolishly and imprudently. All of these words describe a poor performance or lack of knowledge in a particular area. They can be used interchangeably depending on the context in which they are used. It is important to remember that using synonyms can help to enhance the language used and make it more engaging, but it is important not to overuse them.

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What are the hypernyms for Ineptly?

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What are the opposite words for ineptly?

Ineptly refers to the lack of skill, knowledge or competence. Its antonyms would be adroitly, skilfully, expertly, capably, proficiently, deftly,competently or adeptly. These words imply a high level of skill, knowledge or proficiency in a particular subject or work. Adroitly means having or showing skill, cleverness or resourcefulness in handling situations. Skilfully means having or showing dexterity, expertise or proficiency in a particular activity. Expertly means having or showing extensive knowledge or skill in a particular field. Capably means having the ability or skill to do something effectively. proficiently means displaying a high level of competence. Deftly means doing something with great skill or dexterity. Adeptly means having a natural ability or skill in a particular area.

Usage examples for Ineptly

Then replied Kai Lung, after a space of thought: "Not ineptly is it written: 'When the leading carriage is upset the next one is more careful,' and Ming-shu has taken the proverb to his heart.
"Kai Lung's Golden Hours"
Ernest Bramah Commentator: Hilaire Belloc
Thereupon Wang Ho returned the money to his inner sleeve, ineptly remarking that when the sun rose it was futile to raise a lantern to the sky to guide the stars.
"Kai Lung's Golden Hours"
Ernest Bramah Commentator: Hilaire Belloc
Vaniman was on his feet while Wagg was rising; the guard's slow mind was operating ineptly on his muscles.
"When Egypt Went Broke"
Holman Day

Famous quotes with Ineptly

  • Faulkner turned out to be a great teacher. When a student asked a question ineptly, he answered the question with what the student had really wanted to know.
    Leslie Fiedler
  • Whereas an Otaku is a true connoisseur of the culture, showing the same reverence and respectful distance which any true expert shows to their chosen field of expertise, the Weeaboo is like a socially awkward adolescent, ineptly trying to gain the social acceptance of Japanese people — because their unfortunate mental disorder has caused them to believe they are, in fact, Japanese.
    Alexei Maxim Russell

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