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Pronunciation: [ɪnˈɜːʃə͡l fɹˈe͡ɪm] (IPA)

An inertial frame is a reference frame in which a body at rest remains at rest, and a body in motion continues to move in a straight line at a constant speed unless acted upon by an external force. Synonyms for the term "inertial frame" include "Newtonian frame," "non-accelerating frame," "unaccelerated frame," and "Galilean frame." Inertial frames play a crucial role in the laws of physics, especially in the principles of Newtonian mechanics. By using these frames, physicists are able to make accurate calculations and predictions of the movement and behavior of objects in the universe, from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest celestial bodies.

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  • With regard to the Newtonian concept of absolute rotation, Eddington admitted that Einstein's plenum does in fact provide a world-wide inertial frame, with respect to which it can be measured. Nevertheless, Eddington believed that Einstein attributed to important a role to matter, for in his universe it appears that not only the metrical properties, as in General Relativity, but the very existence of space depends on the existence of matter. Eddington preferred to regard matter as a manifestation of the 'structure' of space-time.
    Arthur Eddington

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