What is another word for inns?

Pronunciation: [ˈɪnz] (IPA)

Inns are places where people can stay for the night or longer periods, usually serving meals and drinks to guests. As the hospitality industry has evolved over time, several other words have emerged as synonyms for inns. It includes lodgings, lodges, taverns, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, and motels. Lodgings and lodges are often associated with rustic or more countryside accommodations, while taverns and guesthouses are more commonly seen in urban areas. Bed and Breakfasts provide a more personalized experience with cozy rooms, and motels are usually the most affordable option with basic amenities. No matter what synonym you choose, each one has its unique set of features to cater to travelers' needs.

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Usage examples for Inns

She seemed to have a plan in her mind which required Bradshaws and the names of inns.
"Night and Day"
Virginia Woolf
There is business close at hand-shops and inns, and all the usual offices of a town-but, though in the midst, this house wears an air of separation from the rest of the street.
"Hodge and His Masters"
Richard Jefferies
The inns I stopped at were small, and not over comfortable, but as they afforded sufficient accommodation for man and beast, I did not complain.
"Paddy Finn"
W. H. G. Kingston

Famous quotes with Inns

  • Life is a pilgrimage. The wise man does not rest by the roadside inns. He marches direct to the illimitable domain of eternal bliss, his ultimate destination.
    Swami Sivananda
  • From ancient drains and sewers of the language (maritime inns and brothels…), from scrawls in the catacombs…whoremasters’ chapbooks…the vocabulary of tavern brawls
    Anthony Burgess
  • Port-wine, he says, when rich and sound, Warms his old bones like nectar: And as the inns, where it is found, Are his especial hunting-ground, We call him the INN-SPECTRE.
    Lewis Carroll
  • Travellers, George, must pay in all places: the only difference is, that in good inns, you pay dearly for your luxuries, and in bad inns you are fleeced and starved.
    Oliver Goldsmith
  • If you want to know something about these people and enjoy them somewhat, before buying the map of the city you should buy the sonnets of Gioacchino Belli, the true guide of Rome. It's easy reading, educational and fun. Dante should be read to understand Florence and the Florentines; Belli, to understand Rome and the Romans. The first one never makes you laugh, the second makes you laugh all the time. And then get to know the inns.
    Aldo Palazzeschi

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