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Emissions refer to the release of pollutants, gases, and other harmful substances into the environment. Pollution and exhaust are popular synonyms for the word emissions. Other synonyms include discharges, effluents, emanations, and fumes. These words all suggest the negative effect that the release of harmful substances can have on the environment and human health. The word outflow and exhaust are also used to talk about the release of gases from factories and automobiles. Emissions can also be linked to the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that leads to climate change. It is crucial to control and reduce emissions to sustain a healthy environment and protect human health.

How to use "Emissions" in context?

Since the industrial revolution of the late 1800s, emissions from human-caused sources have grown exponentially. The pollutants released from smokestacks, tailpipes, factories, and automobiles have drastically changed the Earth's atmosphere and climate.

Nowadays, emissions from human activities are the leading cause of climate change and global warming. These emissions result in the dispersion of heat across the Earth's atmosphere, and can cause dramatic changes in weather patterns.

Governments and industries around the world are trying to reduce emissions amid growing concerns about climate change.

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