What is another word for interest group?

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[ ˈɪntɹəst ɡɹˈuːp], [ ˈɪntɹəst ɡɹˈuːp], [ ˈɪ_n_t_ɹ_ə_s_t ɡ_ɹ_ˈuː_p]

Synonyms for Interest group:

How to use "Interest group" in context?

An interest group is a particular type of organization that is characterized by its membership's shared interest, and the activities that are carried out by the group to advance that interest. In many ways, interest groups are like clubs, only with a focus on a specific issue or set of issues.

Most interest groups are formed for the purpose of promoting the interests of their members. They can do this in a number of ways, including lobbying government officials, urging members of the public to take action on their issues, and holding meetings and rallies to express their views.

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