What is another word for wing?

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[ w_ˈɪ_ŋ], [ wˈɪŋ], [ wˈɪŋ]

Synonyms for Wing:

crew (noun) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Wing:

  1. sting, cling, string, spring, swing, bring, ding, ring, king, wring, ming, ting, ping, sling, thing, fling, ling, sing, zing, qing;
  2. peking, upswing, chongqing, beijing;

Quotes for Wing:

  1. The closer the bird is to the surface of the water, the firmer and more inelastic is the uplift of the rising air. The bird appears to almost feel the surface with the tip of its weather wing Lawrence Hargrave.
  2. I'm not politically motivated. I used to be- passionately. I used to be very Left wing Then I went very Right wing and now I rest somewhere in the middle. Guy Ritchie.
  3. I represent the Democratic wing of the Democratic party. Paul Wellstone.

Idioms of Wing:

  1. under your wing
  2. wing it;
  3. on a wing and a prayer;

Adjectives for Wing:

  • rotary,
  • medical,
  • white,
  • articulate,
  • liberal,
  • crimson,
  • primary,
  • yellow,
  • scorched,
  • musical,
  • original,
  • black,
  • long,
  • red.