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Jirga, a traditional assembly of leaders and elders from Afghan tribes and communities, is a crucial component of Pashtunwali, the code of Pashtun honour. The word Jirga originates from the Pashto language meaning "Council of Elders." There are various synonyms of Jirga, including shura, loya jirga, and panchayat, all of which denote varying types of councils and assemblies that exist in different regions of the world. The shura is an Arabic term used to describe a consultative assembly, whereas Loya Jirga is a larger assembly that includes representatives from various tribes. Meanwhile, Panchayat is a Sanskrit word meaning "assembly of five," referring to the traditional village councils in India.

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How to use "Jirga" in context?

The word Jirga is derived from the Pashto word "jirga", which means "meeting". A jirga is a traditional gathering of Afghans to resolve disputes and to make decisions. The word jirga has also been used for more general assemblies, including church councils. Most jirgas are attended by both men and women.

Jirgas are commonly held in areas of the country that are not under government control, particularly in provinces that have been subject to chronic instability. The jirga system helps to sustain the balance of power in Afghanistan by providing a forum for negotiations and arbitration.

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