What is another word for meeting?

Pronunciation: [mˈiːtɪŋ] (IPA)

Meeting is a frequently occurring word, used in the business world for communicating professional interactions and discussions. Alternately, one can use synonyms for meeting to maintain the variety and avoid redundancy in communication. Synonyms for the word meeting include appointment, conference, assembly, gathering, get-together, consultation, session, interview, rendezvous, summit, congregation, encounter, convocation, and caucus. One can use these synonyms based on the context, purpose, and participants. For instance, an encounter can be used when meeting someone for the first time, while a summit can be used for an important meeting with high-level officials. Thus, using synonyms for meeting enhances the message's clarity and variety.

Synonyms for Meeting:

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What are the opposite words for meeting?

The word "meeting" typically implies a gathering or rendezvous between two or more individuals for a purpose. However, there are a number of antonyms that capture different meanings and contexts. For example, "separation" reflects the opposite of meeting, where individuals or groups move away from each other rather than convene. "Isolation" is a similar concept, suggesting the act of being alone or cut off from others. Other antonyms include "departure" and "dissolution," which indicate the end or disbandment of a gathering or collaboration. Finally, "absence" is an antonym that emphasizes the lack of a meeting or encounter altogether.

What are the antonyms for Meeting?

Usage examples for Meeting

He in turn played his colleagues false and resigned unexpectedly during a meeting of the Chamber.
"A History of the Third French Republic"
C. H. C. Wright
Miss Oglander's first meeting with her lover at Rede Place took place in the Greek Room.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
It was a swift and glad meeting between Larry and his old friends, and a hurried explanation.
"The Eye of Dread"
Payne Erskine

Famous quotes with Meeting

  • I began wearing hats as a young lawyer because it helped me to establish my professional identity. Before that, whenever I was at a meeting, someone would ask me to get coffee.
    Bella Abzug
  • What I enjoy most is travelling to different places and meeting new people. For me, it's all about life experiences, and I'm very grateful that acting allows me so many interesting and fulfilling ones.
    Jensen Ackles
  • Admitting the force of these contentions, nevertheless, the custom of meeting together in public assembly for the consideration of the most serious, the most exalted topics of human interest is too vitally precious to be lost.
    Felix Adler
  • The exercises of our meeting are to be simple and devoid of all ceremonial and formalism.
    Felix Adler
  • Johns Hopkins introduced me to two defining events in my life: commitment to biomedical research and meeting my future wife, Mary.
    Peter Agre

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