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Kalmia is a genus of evergreen shrubs that are native to North America. These shrubs are known for their beautiful flowers and foliage, making them a popular choice for landscaping and gardening. While kalmia is a unique and distinctive name, there are a few synonyms that can be used to describe this genus of plants. For example, kalmia is sometimes referred to as "mountain laurel," "calico bush," and "spoonwood." Each of these names reflects a different aspect of the plant, whether it's its location, appearance, or usefulness. Ultimately, no matter what name you use, kalmia remains a beautiful and beloved addition to any garden or landscape.

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Usage examples for Kalmia

Page 182 were found in open woods under kalmia were the sun had an opportunity Changed to 'where the sun'.
"Studies of American Fungi. Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc."
George Francis Atkinson
The azalia, the shumac, and every variety of that beautiful mischief, the kalmia, are in equal profusion.
"Domestic Manners of the Americans"
Fanny Trollope
It is a fact familiar to persons engaged in sheep husbandry in New England-and I have seen it confirmed by personal observation-that sheep bred where the common laurel, as it is called, kalmia angustifolia, abounds, almost always avoid browsing upon the leaves of that plant, while those brought from districts where laurel is unknown, and turned into pastures where it grows, very often feed upon it and are poisoned by it.
"The Earth as Modified by Human Action"
George P. Marsh

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