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Kalka is a word of Indian origin and is commonly used in the Hindi language. It refers to a type of small, round stone that is used to make traditional Indian sweets. However, in English, there are many synonyms that can be used to describe this type of stone. For example, it can be called a pebble, a cobblestone, or a rock. Other synonyms include a stone, a boulder, or even a block. These words are all used to describe small, solid objects that are typically found in nature. Whether you use kalka or one of its many synonyms, these words are all helpful in describing the same type of stone.

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Usage examples for Kalka

The hunting-camp was only about 150 miles from Simla, situated below kalka.
"The Coming Conquest of England"
August Niemann
You would have to go from kalka to Ambala, and thence to Delhi."
"The Coming Conquest of England"
August Niemann
The march proceeded by way of kalka, the last station on the railway to Simla, without any incidents, as far as Lahore.
"The Coming Conquest of England"
August Niemann

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