What is another word for keep on one's toes?

Pronunciation: [kˈiːp ˌɒn wˈɒnz tˈə͡ʊz] (IPA)

The phrase "keep on one's toes" means to stay alert and be prepared for anything. Some synonyms for this phrase include "stay on guard," "be vigilant," "remain attentive," "keep alert," "stay sharp," and "be on the ball." These synonyms all convey the same message of being ready and aware of one's surroundings. It is important to stay on one's toes in various situations, whether it be in a professional setting or when navigating through daily life. By using these synonyms, one can communicate the importance of being alert and prepared in a clear and concise manner.

What are the hypernyms for Keep on one's toes?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.
  • Other hypernyms:

    be watchful, exercise care, stay alert, stay focused, Maintain awareness, Remain prepared, Stay attentive, Stay aware, Stay vigilant, exercise caution.

What are the opposite words for keep on one's toes?

The expression "keep on one's toes" refers to being alert, attentive and ready to react quickly to any situation. The opposite of this phrase could be "let one's guard down", which means to become careless, less cautious or less aware due to a sense of relaxation or confidence. Another antonym for "keep on one's toes" could be "lax", which implies a lack of energy, vitality and enthusiasm. Being on one's toes helps to stay sharp and focused, while being lax may lead to a slip in performance or missed opportunities. Therefore, it's important to remain vigilant, active and attentive to avoid letting your guard down.

What are the antonyms for Keep on one's toes?

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