What is another word for keep off?

233 synonyms found


[ kˈiːp ˈɒf], [ kˈiːp ˈɒf], [ k_ˈiː_p ˈɒ_f]

Related words: keep off the grass, keep off property, keep off me, keep off the bed, keep off the wall

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    Synonyms for Keep off:

    How to use "Keep off" in context?

    To much caffeine can really keep you off your game when it comes to work or school. Too much caffeine can cause major changes in your body, such as an increased heart rate, agitation, and fatigue. Additionally, too much caffeine can affect various aspects of your daily routine, such as mood, focus, and energylevels. If you find yourself struggling to keep up or get through your day because of caffeine, try to cut back or substitute other forms of energy. You can also try to take breaks during the late afternoon or evening to avoid reaching for that fourth or fifth cup of coffee.

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