What is another word for keep off?

Pronunciation: [kˈiːp ˈɒf] (IPA)

The phrase "keep off" denotes staying away from something or not touching something. There are several synonyms for this phrase such as avoid, abstain, evade, shun, eschew, refrain, and steer clear of. These words have slightly different connotations and can be used interchangeably based on the context. For instance, "avoid" implies a deliberate effort to stay away from something, while "abstain" indicates refraining from indulging in something. "Evade" is used when one is trying to avoid something out of fear or obligation. Similarly, "shun" implies intentional rejection or avoidance. "Eschew" is used when there is a conscious decision to avoid something. Finally, "refrain" and "steer clear of" both imply avoiding something out of a sense of caution or common sense.

Synonyms for Keep off:

What are the hypernyms for Keep off?

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What are the opposite words for keep off?

The antonyms for "keep off" include "approach," "come closer," "stick to," and "embrace." While "keep off" means to avoid or stay away from something or someone, the opposite meaning can be expressed by using these antonyms. "Approach" means to move closer to something or someone, while "come closer" suggests that one should move towards something or someone, rather than staying away. "Stick to" means to remain committed to something or someone, while "embrace" connotes a warm and welcoming attitude towards something or someone. It is important to know the antonyms for "keep off" to effectively communicate what actions one should take in a given situation.

What are the antonyms for Keep off?

Famous quotes with Keep off

  • Good humour is the only shield to keep off the darts of the satirical railer: if you have a quiver well stored, and are sure of hitting him between the joints of the harness, do not spare him; but you had better not bend your bow than miss your aim.
    James Burgh
  • Go and catch a falling star, Get with child a mandrake root, Tell me where all past years are, Or who cleft the Devil's foot, Teach me to hear mermaids singing, Or to keep off envy's stinging, And find What wind Serves to advance an honest mind.
    John Donne
  • We catched fish and talked, and we took a swim now and then to keep off sleepiness. It was kind of solemn, drifting down the big, still river, laying on our backs looking up at the stars, and we didn't ever feel like talking loud, and it warn't often that we laughed, only a little kind of a low chuckle. We had mighty good weather as a general thing, and nothing ever happened to us at all, that night, nor the next, nor the next.
    Mark Twain

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