What is another word for ignore?

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When it comes to not paying attention to something, there are several synonyms for the word 'ignore.' The most common one is 'disregard,' which means to deliberately pay no attention to something or someone. 'Overlook' is another word that can be used to mean the same thing. It implies missing something or not noticing it intentionally. 'Neglect' is used to refer to ignoring something that one should have attended to or taken care of. Another synonym for ignore is 'discount.' This suggests that something is being disregarded or dismissed as insignificant. Finally, 'omit' can also be used as a synonym for ignore, primarily in writing or speech, to indicate leaving something out intentionally.

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Ignore is a word that means to intentionally overlook something or someone. The antonym for ignore is to recognize or acknowledge. This means to pay attention to something or someone and to show them that you are aware of their existence. Another antonym for ignore is to respond or react. This means to take action or give a response to something that has been brought up or presented to you. Avoid is another antonym for ignore, which means to stay away from something or someone, but not necessarily dismiss or overlook them. Ultimately, there are several ways to express the opposite of ignore, depending on the context and the degree of involvement desired.

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