What is another word for larch?

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Larch is a deciduous tree that belongs to the genus Larix. It usually grows in regions with cold climates and is known for its unique foliage that turns yellow before falling in autumn. If you are looking for synonyms for larch, there are several alternative words you could use. These include Tamarack, one of the commonly used names for larch in North America, and Hackmatack, which is also used interchangeably with larch in the same region. Another synonym is the Dahurian larch, which is native to Siberia and found in Eastern Asia. In summary, larch has several synonyms, and this article has mentioned only a few of them.

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Usage examples for Larch

larch-boughs and bracken were the materials used.
"Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer"
W. C. Scully
Tired of the ways of society, Jimmy and I determined to have done with civilization, so we built, with infinite pains and some measure of skill, a large hut in the deepest and loneliest part of the larch-forest.
"Reminiscences of a South African Pioneer"
W. C. Scully
And was there not plenty of larch timber lying about, that had been thrown and not sold, that would make a very good spar-gate, without purchasing one?
"Hodge and His Masters"
Richard Jefferies

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