What is another word for walnut?

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[ wˈɒlnʌt], [ wˈɒlnʌt], [ w_ˈɒ_l_n_ʌ_t]

The English language has plenty of variations for the term "walnut". Some of the common descriptive terms include the black walnut, the English walnut, and the Persian walnut. In some regions, such as New Zealand, the walnut is referred to as a "tree nut" for clarity. The Latin term for walnut is "Juglans regia", often used in scientific discussions. Another synonym for walnut is "the king of nuts," a term which originated with the belief that the walnut offered the greatest nutritional value. Some of the other colloquial terms for walnut include "butter nut," "white walnut," and "Hindi walnut".

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    Usage examples for Walnut

    The walnut table was marked with circles where hot cups had been set down, and the edges were charred by cigarette-ends left to burn.
    William McFee
    "She was cracked like a walnut," Colley said; "and the captain's heart was broken-that's why he said he would die with her."
    "Little Miss Joy"
    Emma Marshall
    "Then, Mother," pleaded the poor lad, "since you will not stay indoors this bitter weather, please bring me a branch of walnut from the forest.
    "The Green Forest Fairy Book"
    Loretta Ellen Brady

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