What is another word for laundryman?

Pronunciation: [lˈɔːndɹɪmən] (IPA)

The word "laundryman" typically refers to a person or professional who specializes in laundering clothes. However, there are several alternative terms that can be used to describe this occupation. For instance, another word for "laundryman" is "washerman," which is a term that is commonly used in many parts of the world. Similarly, the term "garment cleaner" can also be used to describe someone who works in the laundry business. In addition, some other possible synonyms for "laundryman" include "laundry worker," "clothes cleaner," and "fabric washer." Ultimately, all of these terms refer to someone who is responsible for washing, drying, and folding clothes, linens, and other fabrics.

Synonyms for Laundryman:

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Usage examples for Laundryman

In trade circles Ernestine was known as the "laundryman," a name in which respect was mixed with chaff.
"One Woman's Life"
Robert Herrick
After that the laundryman was known as "Pa" by the trio.
"One Woman's Life"
Robert Herrick
Reinhard glanced at the squat figure of the laundryman, and tried to make her talk.
"One Woman's Life"
Robert Herrick

Famous quotes with Laundryman

  • Of course we've been fighting against stereotypes from Day One at East West. That's the reason we formed: to combat that, and to show we are capable of more than just fulfilling the stereotypes - waiter, laundryman, gardener, martial artist, villain.

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