What is another word for laundry?

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Laundry is a word that is commonly used to describe the process of washing and cleaning clothes and other fabrics. However, there are many different synonyms that can be used to describe this activity. Some of the most common synonyms for laundry include washing, cleansing, rinsing, scrubbing, and laundering. Other synonyms that can be used to describe laundry include cleaning, washing up, ironing, and folding. Additionally, there are many different types of laundry, such as wash and fold, dry cleaning, and pressing, which all have their own unique synonyms and descriptions. Ultimately, no matter how you choose to describe it, laundry is an important part of keeping our clothes and other fabrics clean and fresh.

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    Usage examples for Laundry

    Up to a certain age the Lapp babies are packed constantly in dry moss, in place of other clothing during their infancy, this being renewed as occasion demands,-thus very materially economizing laundry labor.
    "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia"
    Maturin M. Ballou
    After a two-days' journey in the hills, finding grass, water and wood in great abundance, we concluded to rest for two days for laundry and recuperative purposes.
    "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs"
    Orange Jacobs
    Sure you didn't tear it up by mistake or send it away in the laundry?
    William McFee

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