What is another word for limanda?

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[ lɪmˈandə], [ lɪmˈandə], [ l_ɪ_m_ˈa_n_d_ə]

Limanda is a type of flatfish often found in the North Atlantic Ocean. Its common name varies depending on the region and language. In English, it is commonly known as the Greenland halibut or the Black halibut. Other common names for the limanda include the yellowfin sole, rock sole, and arrowtooth flounder. In German, it is known as the Grönland-Heilbutt or the schwarze Heilbutt. The French call it the fletan noir or the limande noire, while the Spanish refer to it as the fletán negro. These synonyms may be helpful for those who are looking for alternative ways to refer to the limanda in various contexts.

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    Usage examples for Limanda

    P. limanda, the Dab: scales uniform all over the body, with spinules on the projecting edges, making the skin rough; lateral line with a semicircular curve above the pectoral fin.
    "Hormones and Heredity"
    J. T. Cunningham

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