What is another word for lobscouse?

Pronunciation: [lˈɒbska͡ʊs] (IPA)

Lobscouse is a dish popular in Scandinavia and Britain. However, it can also refer to a type of sailor's stew containing meat, vegetables, and oatmeal. Despite its unique name, several synonyms exist for this humble meal. In Norway, it is known as Labskaus, which is similar to its German name Labskaus, or in Denmark, as Skipperlabskovs. Regional variations of the dish also exist, such as Staka in Iceland, which is a thick soup made with fish and potatoes. In Newfoundland, Canada, a similar dish is called Jiggs dinner. While the name may be different, the concept remains the same: a hearty, comforting meal made from simple ingredients.

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Usage examples for Lobscouse

I means that sort o' contentment that makes a man feel happy though he hasn't got champagne an' taters, pigeon-pie, lobscouse, plum-duff, mustard an' jam at every blow-out; that sort o' contentment that takes things as they come, an' enjoys 'em without grumpin' an' growlin' 'cause he hasn't got somethin' else."
"The Prairie Chief"
R.M. Ballantyne
It's a temperance lunch-room for sailors, with regular first-class ship grub; lobscouse, plum-duff and sech.
"Richard Dare's Venture"
Edward Stratemeyer
The object was seated at the dinner-table contending with her lobscouse, and did not feel his presence near.
"The Fiend's Delight"
Dod Grile

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