What is another word for Macaca Mulatta?

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[ makˈakə mjˈʊlatə], [ makˈakə mjˈʊlatə], [ m_a_k_ˈa_k_ə m_j_ˈʊ_l_a_t_ə]

Macaca Mulatta is a scientific Latin name given to the common Rhesus monkey. Synonyms for Macaca Mulatta include the Rhesus macaque, Rhesus monkey, Indian monkey and Hanuman langur. The Rhesus macaque is a small, black-faced monkey found in forests and rural areas of India, Nepal, and China. It is known for its extraordinary adaptability to thrive in almost all environments. Rhesus monkeys are used extensively in biomedical research due to their close genetic relationship with humans. These intelligent creatures have also been used in space research and have successfully completed space missions. Synonyms for Macaca Mulatta emphasize the Rhesus monkey's significance and adaptability in various scientific explorations.

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-Macaca Musatta

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