What is another word for macadam?

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Macadam is a type of road construction that involves layering small stones or gravel and filling in the gaps with finer material. There are several synonyms for macadam, including tarmac, asphalt, and paving. Tarmac is a popular synonym used in the UK, and it refers to a type of road surface made of tar-coated macadam. Asphalt is commonly used in the US, and it refers to a mixture of bitumen and aggregate most often used for road surfacing or pavement. Paving refers to the process of constructing a pavement or surface with interlocking blocks or slabs of concrete, stone, or brick. Regardless of the synonym used, macadam is widely used to provide a smooth and durable road surface.

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Comparison of macadam and Concrete

When comparing macadam and concrete, the first thing to consider is the macadam's material: macadam is made of aggregate, which is a large, irregularly shaped piece of rock, gravel, or small pieces of earth. Concrete is made of simple, uniform pieces of concrete that are molded into shape.

The second difference between macadam and concrete is the finishing process. In order for macadam to be composed of a series of small, even pieces, it needs to be crushed and then ground.

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