What is another word for Macropus Agiles?

Pronunciation: [mˈakɹəpəs ˈad͡ʒa͡ɪlz] (IPA)

Macropus Agiles is a scientific term for the agile wallaby, a small and fast marsupial endemic to Australia. Wallabies are often referred to as kangaroos, but the two are different species in the genus. Other synonyms for Macropus Agiles include the sandy wallaby, the tannin wallaby, and the Kimberly rock-wallaby. The agile wallaby is generally found in habitats ranging from dry grasslands to dense forests, and it is known for its springy and agile movements. The species is also an important source of food for indigenous Australians and plays an important role in the ecosystem. Its conservation status is currently listed as "least concern".

Synonyms for Macropus agiles:

What are the hypernyms for Macropus agiles?

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