What is another word for common wallaby?

Pronunciation: [kˈɒmən wˈɒlabi] (IPA)

The common wallaby, also known as the brush wallaby, is a marsupial native to Australia and nearby islands. It is a medium-sized animal belonging to the kangaroo family. Apart from common wallaby, there are several other names for this species, such as the Black-tailed Wallaby, the Swamp Wallaby, and the Red-necked Wallaby. The Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby is also a type of wallaby found only in the rocky regions of Australia. These wallabies are known for their unique physical characteristics, including long, powerful hind legs, short forearms, and distinctive pouches for carrying their young. Despite their commonality, their various names offer insight into the diverse habitats and behaviors of this fascinating species.

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