What is another word for macropus?

Pronunciation: [mˈakɹəpəs] (IPA)

Macropus is a genus of marsupials commonly known as kangaroos. These animals are often synonymous with Australia, where they are widely found in the wild. Some common synonyms for the word "macropus" include wallaby, tree kangaroo, and pademelon. Wallabies are smaller species of kangaroo that are found across Australia and neighboring countries, while tree kangaroos live in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea and northeastern Australia. Pademelons are small, nocturnal marsupials found in the forests of Australia and nearby islands. Other less common synonyms for macropus include rat kangaroo, hare wallaby, and musky rat kangaroo.

Synonyms for Macropus:

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Usage examples for Macropus

macropus atlas, lower jaw of.
"The Student's Elements of Geology"
Sir Charles Lyell
1:1 1:4 2:1 6:1 6:9. macropus giganteus Shaw.
"Journals Of Two Expeditions Of Discovery In North-West And Western Australia, Vol. 2 (of 2)"
George Grey
1:1 6:1. macropus minor Shaw.
"Journals Of Two Expeditions Of Discovery In North-West And Western Australia, Vol. 2 (of 2)"
George Grey

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